How to re-cover the motorcycle seat pad

After a few years of use, it often happens that the saddle gets damaged showing cracks and cuts. At this point it is necessary to re-linen the motorcycle seat pad. Obviously, by personally carrying out this particular operation, you will have the opportunity to know and learn particularly useful and innovative maintenance techniques, as well as having the opportunity to save considerable sums of money. Precisely for this reason, the splendid DIY technique has become increasingly appreciated and practiced in recent years. In the following guide, step by step, we will explain how to re-linen the seat of the bike, in a simple and quite fast way.

Acquire what you need

The first thing to do, before starting to work, is to get everything you need to proceed then to re-linen the seat of the bike. The tools you need to proceed are those that are not missing in normal toolboxes, also you need to have a sewing machine for which you must buy a needle to sew the leather. Also, for the seams you will not have to use simple sewing thread but cotton.

Remove the old lining

The first step is to remove the lining without tearing it, but calmly removing the staples that hold it. It must be removed in such a way that it is kept intact. Since the seams are different, it is a good idea to choose different colors for each one so as not to get confused when using the sewing machine. After tracing the lines, you must calmly darken all the various pieces, always taking care not to tear them. At this point you will have obtained a piece of leatherette that you have to lay backwards on a work surface and then rest on it the various parts of the lining of your saddle.

Sew the seams and secure the lining

Take two matching pieces of the old lining and take a good look at the lines you had previously drawn to understand how you have to sew and then bring closer the new corresponding parts that you just got and pass them under the sewing machine. Once you have done the first sewing, do another one a little more on the outside to reinforce the whole. Sew all the parts together, all you have to do is “put them” on the saddle and then, keeping the lining tight, you have to pin the paperclips. Do not apply them all at once, but gradually check that you are fixing the lining straight and well stretched. Then all you have to do is reassemble the saddle: you will have re-lined your seat.

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