Moto3 Assen: Italian “young lions”, out of Their Claws!

The permanent circuit of Assen of 4,542 km, theatre of today’s Dutch GP, is only a distant relative of the 28.4 km long Circuit van Drenthe where it was raced from 1925 to 1955, but still remains of great charm, technically superb, to preserve the title of “cathedral” of motorcycling. Winning at the Dutch TT has a particular taste and, especially for young riders, is a very coveted goal because here are often written pages of glory of motorcycling with the consecration of great champions. This is how Moto3, the category of maturation and launch of the “young lions”, takes on a particular meaning, where the Italians are expected to confirm themselves not only as protagonists but also as capable of winning, indeed of doing the en plein, a test of strength, occupying the three steps of the podium, aiming for rights to the world title, never achieved in the cadet class.

The balance after the first seven rounds is not negative but it is not exciting, below expectations, with the Italian winners in only two races: Antonelli at Jerez and Arbolino at Mugello. There is, to tell the truth, the contour and the comfort of the silver and bronze placings: the “seconds” of Dalla Porta (Jerez, Le Mans and Mugello), the “third” of Arbolino (Argentina), Migno (Texas), Vietti (Jerez and Barcelona), the many placings in the top five and in the top ten. There is also to consider the “extra” interventions of bad luck, as for example in the last race at Montmelò, with the out of Dalla Porta and Arbolino, for technical problems to their Honda, problems that had not happened for some time. But, you know, that’s the way things are, especially in a white Moto3, with a hard selection where even the falls affect to define the result in the race and in the championship.

The championship is led by the regular and fast volpone Canet on the KTM (103 points) ahead of Dalla Porta (80) and Antonelli (75), with Vietti fourth (68), Arbolino sixth (51), Migno tenth (40), Foggia twelfth (36), Fenati 21st (16). Does the ranking reflect the real values on the field? These are the numbers and they count. The moral is that it is not enough to go fast and often pull the “little train” because what counts is in the end to cross the finish line in front of the others. Do Italians have a chance of winning? Yes. But it’s forbidden to be “precious”, forbidden to cradle oneself on one’s laurels, forbidden to delude oneself, forbidden to make mistakes. Assen needs to reverse the course, going well beyond the result of 2018 when Canet came second in the sprint behind Martin and the Italians grabbed the podium with Bastianini and sixth place with Dalla Porta.

It’s time to move from young promises to solid certainties. This is especially true for riders now “veterans” in Moto3 such as Fenati, Antonelli, Migno, but also Dalla Porta, Foggia etc.. All the Italians in Moto3 have competitive bikes and teams, some – first of all Dalla Porta – with a little more hair. Who has, dia. You don’t need announcements, but results. We have already written that in the cadet class of the MotoGP, this year, to dictate the law is not the “baby” of first hair well under 20 years, but the “veterans” ultra … twenty years old, with solid experience in the CEV and Civ and engaged in the MotoGP for several seasons. There are no exceptions but this is the wind that blows. This does not necessarily mean a lowering of the quality level of the participants but there is no doubt that if this trend continues and strengthens, there is a risk of negatively affecting the philosophy of the championship, which is to identify and mature (quickly) the new levers and then prepare them and push them to jump into the “higher” categories. In short, Moto3 cannot be transformed into a “parking lot” for riders who, out of necessity or impossibility, do not snap from there forgetting to be considered “young lions” and gradually taking on the role of “old foxes”. Assen is already here. The word to the track.

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