Moto3: Tony Arbolino “burns” From the door

On the highest step of the podium there is no room for two, so Lorenzo Dalla Porta, after a belly race on the ground, must give way to Tony Arbolino, exciting and superb triumphant in photofinish of a Moto3 to the lightning bolt.

Both the Italian “young lions” deserve the applause of the 200 thousand present on the sunny and windy plain of Assen. For the 19-year-old from Lombardy, after Mugello’s masterpiece, this is his second splendid world victory in 2019. For the 22-year-old from Prato it is the fourth place of honour after those from Qatar, France and Mugello.

For Toni, another 25 golden points that project him into the overall standings in one fell swoop, from sixth to fourth position (76 points behind the third Antonelli 83), when before Mugello he was still beyond the top ten. For Lorenzo, another 20 silver points that allow him a great recovery from the leader Canet, now opaque, only 12th, still ahead (107) even if only 7 lengths ahead of the Tuscan.

We are used to speaking without hair on our tongue and so we say that without detracting from the value of Dalla Porta – a fast and substantial driver who lacks the value of the “leap” of those who make the difference at the crucial moment of the race – the real revelation of this world championship is Arbolino. The driver of the Snipers Team of Giancarlo and Mirco Cecchini from Pesaro is endowed with that talent, that tactical sense, that “wickedness”, that is all those qualities that prefigure the champion.

With such an Arbolino, able to shoot the shot in the barrel at the right time without failing the goal, nothing is impossible, even the miracle of recovering the gap with those before him in the standings and to try to blame the conquest of the world title. We’ll see. So Arbolino also blasts the statistics that up to now had seen 12 different winners in the last 12 races. Excellent Kornfeil, third in front of a bunch of opponents, with the handicap of having to serve the long lap penality one lap before the end of the race.

A race full of twists and turns, characterized by contacts and also by falls (in particular the big-bang between Vietti, Suzuki, Toba, Fernandez and then Masia and Arenas), as well as by long and off-track penalties that have led to numerous, even of leading drivers, including the fastest Antonelli and Fenati etc..

In short, a long snake, a long train, a battle at the limit of correctness from the first to the last centimetre, from the first to the last position. Are you all right? This is Moto3. Take it or leave it. A continuous assault on the bayonet where anything can happen and anything happens, or almost. Because then from these fiery brawl – even in two-three pieces – there are those who earn and those who lose, not without the extra intervention of the Goddess blindfolded. Even if in the end the best are in front and the others behind, still with the due exceptions, as this time in Assen. The rest is in the news.

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