Review: Sheriff Auctions: Government Seized Motorcycles

We all want a good deal on a used bike and these guys promise to deliver access to these great deals for the somewhat expensive price of $29.99. We decided to try it out on the premise that $29 spent now could mean savings of a few hundred to a few thousand dollars on this writer’s next motorcycle! It’s worth mentioning that we’ve seen this priced at $39.95 in the past so there must be a promo on at the moment for $29.99

What We Like About Sheriff Auctions

It’s easy to get access to their members area, just put your credit card details in and access is instant. Once we’d paid, we were directed to the command centre which is basically your starting point for navigating the members area. The transaction process is simple with no glitches when being re-directed to the members area. This is the way all online shopping should be.

Looking around in the site, you’ll notice several things immediately:

  1. There are TONS of links to government auction sources – Who knew there were this many federal and municipal auction sites? Even the IRS auctions are listed here.
  2. There is an excellent organizational structure to the link madness- Sheriff Auctions has painstakingly categorized and linked all these resources into a structure that is easy to navigate. For example, we clicked on “California” and were taken to a page with about 60 sources for local auctions!
  3. These are auction sources for EVERYTHING – It looks like the hundreds of sources for seized and surplus auctions are not specific to motorcycles. Through the links that Sheriff Auctions provided we came across the entire contents of a dentist’s office with a starting bid at $7,001!!. Also worthy of mention was an “old person scooter” , you know the ones that wal mart provides for the elderly? The bid was only $10. Well, we got a kick out of it!

We really didn’t expect so many quality links; I mean for $29.99, somebody spent a lot of time and effort searching each state for auction sources and compiling all the data in one place. There are literally hundreds of auction sites to choose from.

What We DON’T Like About Sheriff Auctions

Once we got in past the control center and started clicking around, we realized that it was going to be hard to find an actual motorcycle for sale for two reasons:

  1. There are so many damn links that you could be looking through auction listings all day (which for some may not be a bad thing)
  2. We didn’t see any auctions specifically for motorcycles. Not to say that there aren’t any, just that we didn’t see them. After some looking around we found one site with 42 bikes currently up for auction, all of which were under $500 and many didn’t even have bids so they are there, it will just take some time to find them due to the sheer number of auction sites to go through.


You could always just check out eBay itself however a lot of the bike’s you’ll find there have been through the circuit of local classified ads and did not sell for a reason. Despite the fact that it’s not limited to motorcycle auctions and that their content will take you all day and night to go through, we would fully recommend Sheriff Auctions to somebody who has the know how to bid at an online auction (hopefully not too hard for the eBay generation) and is in need of a motorcycle.

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