Review: VRides Motorcycle Training Guide

After one of our visitors asked us to review VRides we decided to pony up the $10 and check it out for ourselves. Right from the get-go we knew that this particular motorcycle training guide was created on a budget- the website screams “amateur”. However, in the world of motorcycling apperances can be deceiving, so we decided to reserve judgement.

Once you’ve paid your $10 you’ll be taken to the download area, where you can download your .PDF eBook (make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader) as well as view the included videos. Make sure you bookmark the page so that you can come back to the videos as they are not included in the .PDF file that you download.

What We Like About VRides

As we mentioned before, VRides has a very budget feel to the entire package. However, the language that is used throughout the eBook as well as videos is simple and easy to understand. It’s obvious that this motorcycle training guide was written by your average Joe, not a hotshot writer or someone with a production team (or the budget to get one developed). This gives it a very “authentic” feel that many people respond quite well to.

Each video is narrated well, and important information is emphasized via slow-motion and on-screen visual cues/text. They aren’t the HD-quality found in Get Ready to Pass, but they are easily viewable and understandable.

What We DON’T Like About VRides

Getting back to that budget feel of the website and package, there’s just something to be said for the finesse and polish that Get Ready to Pass or MotoLearn offer. Sure, the information presented may be the same, but the package that the information is presented in is much more visually appealing. In the case of Get Ready to Pass, the videos are so well presented that it’s very obvious that a professional put a lot of time and effort into making them.

As well, if you download the .PDF eBook (that’s 43 pages long) and close the download page without bookmarking it you will have one heck of a time finding those videos again. It’s possible to check your receipt and revisit the download page, but what a pain in the butt. Some links would have been nice. Not a major deal since you’re going to bookmark that page if you decide to buy a copy, right?


Get Ready to Pass is a much better package in regards to video instruction and narration. However, despite MotoLearn’s more polished presentation we feel that VRides, due to the included videos and simple narration style, is a better product in regards to actually learning the information that is presented.

Sure, the sales page doesn’t look like much. And sure, the eBook looks like someone who just learned how to use Microsoft Word created it. None of that removes the fact that VRides is a decently put together package that, let’s face it, can’t really be topped for $10. But, if you’re willing to pony up the extra $18, Get Ready to Pass is a wise decision.

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